Ocean Mist Ship's Log

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May 2005

3rd to 5thDelivery Trip Andy, Helen, Pete and Anita
12thA day in Harwich Harbour Andy and Helen

July 2005

2ndDay Sail Kate, Craig, Phil, Helen and Andy
9thDay Sail Andy's family

August 2005

3rd to 4thThe River Ore Andy and Helen
25thDay Sail Pete, Laura, George, Helen and Andy
27thRivers Ore and Alde Anita, Gerry, Helen and Andy

September 2005

18thDay Sail Cheryl, Helen and Andy

October 2005

16thEwarton Ness Deb, Claude, William, George, Helen and Andy
23rdThe Ramsholt Arms Andy, Helen, Richard, Dave, Anita and Gerry

December 2005

18thWinter Maintenance 2005/2006 Helen and Andy

Total distance sailed in 2005: 426 nautical miles.

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