Speedwell of Rhu

Speedwell (our Oyster 435) has been sold.

We've really enjoyed owning this boat over the past 10 years sailing her all around the UK and much of the European Atlantic coast, from Shetland to Cadiz. She's been a lovely boat to live aboard, comfortable, secure and quite practical to sail long distances with just a crew of 2. She carries enough stores to be able to live at anchor independent from marinas for several weeks at a time but is not too big to be able to find marina spaces when we've wanted them.

Our plans have now changed and it would be a pity to leave Speedwell tied up just used occasionally, so we've sold her to new owners who plan to use her regularly.

We now no longer have a sailing boat but we plan to carry on sailing, with a few crewing opportunities coming up this year. We'll keep this site up to date with new activities as we adjust to life ashore. 

This web site contains information about Speedwell, the voyages that we made in her and some other sailing related articles. You can reed about our sailing journey in our  log